An evening with Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson

Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson’s August 2015 Tour.

Now that gravity has done its thing and the space dust has settled, the Think Inc. team would like to thank everybody who showed up and made An Evening with Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson without a sliver of a doubt our most successful tour to date. With the majority of Dr Tyson’s talks sold out and in some cases requiring an additional injection of last-minute tickets, we were both overjoyed and relieved that Australia is so rich in inter-generational Thinkers who value scientific literacy.

Dr Tyson came out swinging and delivered haymakers to a cosmic cargo of categories, ranging from the expected role of science in society, to the receding role of religion, to the automated doors on the ships of Star Trek, and of course, to the *ahem!* problem of Pluto; no matter what topical surface he landed on, audiences were inescapably sucked into Dr Tyson’s gravitational presence, much like into a black hole (though some minds were spaghettified yet came out in tact…more or less).

Cultivating and motivating a society that is not only scientifically literate, but one that is well-armed with a BS-filter to do away with bunk claims that damage human progress, the impact that Dr Tyson had on audiences and reviewers was astronomically astounding:


“[Dr Tyson] chooses to question everything in a way that only a true scientist can, and provided some great insights into our relationship with the universe which also points to our relationship with each other.”

 –  Julian Ramundi, theAUreview


What’s…refreshing about Dr Tyson is his ability to discuss and present science to an audience, incorporating wit and delivering the information in a very down-to-earth manner, that even someone like myself (not scientifically inclined) is able to follow in its intricacy without ever feeling lost, or confused. This ability truly sets him apart from others in his field, and makes him popular not only among those who are already drawn to the sciences but appreciated by the laymen.

    – Gordana Andjelic-Davila, Australian Stage


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Once again, the team at Think Inc. would like to send out an ever-expanding-cosmos-sized THANK YOU! to all who attended what was indeed a spacetime an odyssey of a tour! Though humanity may not yet have figured out how to create wormholes to alter the space-time continuum and bring us to wherever (and whenever) we want to be, what we at Think Inc. are working hard on is bringing these ‘wherever-whenever’s to Australia…just to make the wait for wormholes a little less strenuous.



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