An evening with Dr Ben Goldacre

An evening with Dr Ben Goldacre

Dr Ben Goldacre’s September 2016 Tour.

The ‘Nerd Evangelist’ has spoken and audiences in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney have been inoculated against the pox of ‘Bad Science’ in modern medicine. Think Inc. were delighted to make these appointments with Dr Ben Goldacre for our Thinkers in Australia and we hope you left informed, empowered and entertained at the foibles of bad medical practitioners and Bad Pharma.

With Pete Evans continuing to make headlines and big corporations shaping the way research is reported, it is more important than ever for Australians to maintain a healthy dose of scepticism and a strong grip on the data—but of course we think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that.

From statins to statistics, from p-Hacking to epidemiology in school, from the obsolete academic journal model to the vagaries of social sciences, An evening with Dr Ben Goldacre ranged far and wide in a stinging critique of modern medicine and health journalism. And few folk were left unscathed, with Goldacre touching on the complacency of the medical community when dealing with anti-vaxxers, missing research results and obstructionist ethics boards: bad science is bad science whether it’s the homeopath blogger or the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Goldacre’s diagnosis on the state of medical misinformation and illiteracy might have been chilling, but it was tempered with a generous spoonful of hilarity. Along with host and fellow physician Dr Brad McKay, the good doctor kept the audience’s funny bone firmly tickled while reminding them of their personal responsibilities in lobbying for better science and even finding gold in them thar f&#* ups of research.  


“This is how the world changes! It’s easy!”

A huge thank you to all you Thinkers who came to see the Doctor!

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