Brian Greene: A Time Traveller’s Tale

Dr Brian Greene

We never really got the discord between art and science that dominates some intellectual circles. After all, there’s always a science to creativity, and it takes creativity to have some scientific inquiry. So when we decided to ditch the divorce in ‘art vs. science’ to re-marry them, we called on none other than the greatest to help us tackle this task: Dr Brian Greene, for A Time Traveller’s Tale. Enlisting the help of spoken-word artist Hugo The Poet, what the two wove together was something that was grounded in both disciplines, yet successfully transcended them through a multimedia performance to tickles the senses of everyone in attendance. So when we at Think Inc. decided to take a chance on switching up our format so radically, it warmed our hearts that we were able to please all of our fans, both new and returning:

We’ve heard it said that the universe is under no obligation to make sense to us. But with the clarity, creativity, conviction and keenness of Dr Brian Greene to make concepts like string theory, gravity, the fabric of our cosmos that is time and space, and the very meaning of life itself more digestible to us, the universe suddenly seems a little less daunting, and all the more fascinating.

From every atom of our being, the team at Think Inc. want to send an enormous thank you to everybody who came (and returned) to see Dr Brian Greene: A Time Traveller’s Tale, and made it known that scientific curiosity is anything but dormant in Australia and New Zealand!


“Sometimes attaining the deepest familiarity with a question is our best substitute for actually having the answer.”

2016 was full of highlights in the multiverse of physics – the discovery of gravitational waves, a potential ‘fifth fundamental force’, and that our universe has ten times more galaxies than previously thought, bumping the number up into the trillions.  For Australia in particular, one of these highlights was the visit of superstar physicist Dr Brian Greene. His return to Australian shores in 2017 is proof of lightning striking twice.

Attending the prestigious Harvard University from 1980, and in 1987 receiving his PhD in Physics from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, Dr Brian Greene has dedicated the majority of his career to the concept of string theory, which not only reimagines the very structure of our universe but extends its ambition by attempting to combine understanding the interaction of all four fundamental forces of the universe (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear and weak nuclear) into one simple equation: a unified ‘theory of everything’.

When not carrying on this legacy of Albert Einstein, Dr Greene is renowned as one of the world’s leading science communicators, condensing the complex quandaries of the cosmos to enrich the public imagination with both fact and furor. Authoring The Elegant Universe (1999), The Fabric of the Cosmos (2005), The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos (2011), and the sci-fi reimagining of the Greek myth of Icarus with Icarus at the Edge of Time (2008), Dr Greene’s goal is to universalise science and scientific interest, democratising it from the ivory towers of academia and down to the ground where the impact is greatest.

Continuing its tradition of bringing superstar physicists such as Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr Lisa Randall, and Dr Michio Kaku to Australian shores (and starting its new tradition of bringing them to New Zealand’s too), Think Inc. gleefully welcomes the return of Dr Brian Greene in 2017 for another round of mind-bending (and mending) explanations for reality-altering discoveries. Joined by scientifically-grounded spoken word artist Hugo The Poet, Dr Greene’s show will be a departure from Think Inc.’s usual Q&A format, promising a new and exciting performance experience that marries art and science.



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