Ayaan Hirsi Ali


“In a well-functioning democracy, the state constitution is considered more important than God’s holy book, whichever holy book that may be, and God matters only in your private life.”


Infidel. Heretic. Apostate. “Notorious Islamaphobe”. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has courted controversy over her years in the public eye, earning widespread criticism amongst the liberal left and death threats from the religious right.

Born in Somalia to a devout Muslim family, Hirsi Ali underwent female genital mutilation as a child and escaped an arranged marriage in 1992 by seeking political asylum in the Netherlands. In Europe, she was introduced to the works of Sigmund Freud and Herman Philipse’s Atheist Manifesto, experiences which together with the September 11th attacks spurred her to renounce her religion. Rising on the political scene as an opponent of Islam, Hirsi Ali has denounced the abuse of Muslim women even in liberal societies, while Western leaders resist reform.

Critics have accused her for anti-Muslim hate speech, decrying her portrayal of the religion as a “nihilistic cult of death” and “the new fascism” in which violence is inherent. Other commentators like the late Christopher Hitchens praised her intellectual prowess, while novelist Roger L. Simon deemed her a “modern Joan of Arc.”

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