An evening with James Randi

James Randi’s December 2014 Tour.


James Randi is not only funny but has the logic and wit that most of us would die for and once again proves that this 86-year-old legend is in no way slowing down as his passion for “woo woo” continues. …At the end of the night, Randi hopes that the audience will use their critical thinking more when it comes to these supernatural claims.

– Andrew Bistak, Impulse Gamer

An Evening with James Randi was a fascinating one. His no-nonsense answers and logical and analytical responses provided real food for thought for the assembled crowd. …Randi may be looking a little like a frail Sigmund Freud and he may have retired from his more outrageous stunts, but his mind is as nimble as a youngster’s and he proves to be a witty and clever man that everyone should take a moment to learn from and listen to.

– Natalie Salvo, The AU Review

What I liked most about the evening was that there was nothing off-limits!

– William Brougham (YouTube)

Escape artist. Illusionist. Skeptic. Investigator. Author. There is no shortage of words to describe ‘The Amazing’ James Randi and his endless list of contributions in ushering skepticism into the mainstream. It was with wide-open, welcoming arms that the man responsible for exposing faith-healer fraud Peter Popoff, and Uri Geller–whose spoon-bending ‘powers’ are about as psychic as they are practical–was greeted upon his return to Australia, furthering his mission to help everyday people safeguard themselves from the scams and dangers of faith healers, ‘psychics’, and prolific pseudoscientists alike.

Across five Australian cities, with featured guests Richard Saunders, Lawrence Leung and Dick Smith, audiences were treated to exclusive advance screenings of Randi’s documentary An Honest Liar, an eye-opening look into his humble beginnings, and the lifelong mission he would set out on when the frivolous fun and games of magic and illusion were wielded as weapons of extortion on unsuspecting populations of the public. The documentary was followed by a live Q&A with Randi himself, in which Randi corrected his misconstrued label of ‘debunker’, opting for ‘investigator’; what would follow from this was expressing the fine yet fundamental line separating skepticism and cynicism, one of many compassionate takeaways from the 86-year-old’s erudite wisdom.

It was very pleasing, and very humbling to the Think Inc. team that the events were met with rave reception from our audiences:


The team at Think Inc. would like to once again deeply thank all who joined us for An Evening with James Randi in December 2014, and once again made this series of entertaining, enlightening and essential talks such a success.

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