An evening with Dr Lisa Randall

Dr Lisa Randall

Dr Lisa Randall’s November 2016 Tour.

In case anybody was convinced that psychedelics were the exclusive path to discovering ‘new dimensions’, An Evening with Lisa Randall took us to the edges of the known universe and into its hidden expanses. As many that attended would agree, the world-renowned physicist was the ideal tour guide into the into the darker corners of what is already known of dark, or rather ‘transparent’, matter. Dr Randall also stressed the importance of reasoned thinking in the current political climate.

As adept culturally as she is cosmologically, it was abundantly and effortlessly clear to all of us and our audiences why the world is in dire need of more people like Dr Lisa Randall:

Once again, we at Think Inc. were thrilled to see such a show of support for courageous critical thinking and a zeal for scientific inquiry, regardless of their demographics. We have pooled together all the cross-dimensional thanks for everybody who so warmly welcomed Dr Lisa Randall to Australia, and have continued to asserted to our public the importance of nurturing scientific curiosity at every stage of life. Thank you!

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