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Jason Silva


“We are gods. Our tools make us gods. In symbiosis with our technology, our powers are expanding and so, too, our possibilities.”


Filmmaker, futurist and ‘epiphany addict’ Jason Silva – to put it mildly – likes ideas. He likes their tenacity, their flexibility, their contagious nature, their impact and their ability to expand, procreate, and evolve into new ideas. And he is heading to Australia to tell us all about them.

Silva has gained a huge following for his popularising takes on philosophy and the thrilling possibilities of creativity and technology. Through his Shots of Awe video series, Silva serves up invigorating shots of philosophical espresso in a format designed to be short, infectious and easily spread: “Think of them as inspired nuggets of techno-rapture.” Like all the best communicators, Silva’s strength is a tangible excitement for his subject matter. In his signature rapid-fire delivery style, he pulls from a vast mental repository of tech knowledge and quotes from fellow futurists and artists to create an exhilarating, immediate experience.

This June, let Think Inc. and Jason Silva pull you out of your intellectual comfort zone and launch you into a flight of possibilities.

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