Skepticon Australia 2017


Skepticon Australia: the Australian Skeptics 33rd National Convention, presented by Think Inc.!

Sixteen years into the 21st century, and there appears to be no shortage of opportunistic quacks seeking to peddle and profit from their pseudoscientific claims – ‘WiFi’ dangers, the resurgence of ‘cupping’ therapy, and the Paleo diet that refuses to return to its beloved paleolithic era, to name a few. One by one, they get debunked, and one by one, great skeptics arise to administer said debunking. Yet every now and then, it dawns on us that one by one may not be enough, and that we ought to call on many of these great skeptics at one time, in one place, with one common goal. Enter Skepticon Australia – the convention for anybody and everybody who refuses to be fleeced by frauds of all sorts.

Skepticon Australia: the Australian Skeptics National Convention is brought to you by Think Inc. – the team behind the Australian tours of renowned critical thinkers such as Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sam Harris, The ‘Amazing’ James Randi, and Dr Ben Goldacre – Skepticon Australia 2017 is a joint effort between two of the country’s leading organisations seeking to imbue the public with skills in reason and rationality. With many exciting guests to be announced soon, the convention will lay waste to prevailing and emergent claims of bullsh*t in November 2017.

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