An evening with Steve Wozniak

An evening with Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak’s August 2016 Tour.

Although we may not have yet uploaded our consciousness into the digital realm (social media selfies don’t count), in the 21st century are our digital rights just as important as our very human rights? And how the hell do we learn to keep our enjoyable daily grind enjoyable?

The legendary Steve Wozniak (aka “The Woz”) is no stranger these questions, as he enthusiastically charged through the topics of innovation and invention, digital rights, STEM education and many more in Think Inc.’s An Evening with Steve Wozniak, taking our Thinkers and their imaginations with him for the nights across Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in August 2016. Accompanied by Kevin Vinsen and Dr Jordan Nguyen leading the discussions, audiences were treated to a challenging conversation about revolutionising the status quo and (re-?)inventing the impossible.

Audiences were given the access to the ultimate source code: the mind behind the movement of Apple Inc. Woz’s insider insight into the founding and development of Apple Computers from its humble beginnings re-selling parts out of a garage, engineering the game-changing Apple II, and on to the other successes and failures that defined the revolutionary computer age. Woz also spoke about the other passions that have driven him since Apple, from projects with Tesla to teaching eighth graders computer science.

Think Inc. were delighted to have a crowd of diverse Thinkers that ranging from first-generation PC users to an eight-year-old asking about how many parts there are in a computer. The verdict? “Two enthusiastic thumbs up”.


Once again Thinkers, we send our deepest appreciation your way for helping us to make An Evening with Steve Wozniak a huge success and – as Woz’s wonderful work ethic would have it – a true pleasure. Everybody who poured out to show their support for a culture that is ready, willing, and clearly able to ride the wave of technological advancement only reinforced our courage and confidence for the directions in which the future is heading.

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