Science Superstar Neil deGrasse Tyson confirmed for a return to Australia this July


Engage in a Cosmic Perspective with nerd icon and astrophysicist extraordinaire, Neil deGrasse Tyson across a four-city tour Down Under

In between dropping diss tracks about flat earth theories and tweeting about the disastrous science and arts policies of the Trump administration, world renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is finding time to visit Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney in July 2017 in Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Cosmic Perspective.

The event is hosted by Think Inc., the force behind Tyson’s 2015 tour, An evening with Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson. The sold out tour allowed Aussie science enthusiasts a rare opportunity to ask Tyson questions about the latest developments in science, science in pop culture and the controversial problem of Pluto. Having left audiences hungry for more, Think Inc. are thrilled to have Tyson back to discuss the implications of A.I., the potential for another Space Race and the ethical implications of encountering alien life forms. He will also be considering the role of scientific illiteracy and dogma of all stripes in the era of ‘alternative facts’.

Following in the footsteps of the late Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson is recognised across the planet as a champion of science and science communication. While Tyson’s formidable intellect and luminous career in astrophysics qualifies him as a commentator, it is his empathy, wit, warmth and passion that make him so compelling as an educator. Tyson has ignited a passion for science for a whole new generation with his illuminating books and sparked the imagination with popular television shows like NOVA and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the 2014 follow up to Sagan’s iconic series, as well as hosting StarTalk Radio and its sister talk show on National Geographic.

On his previous visit to Australia, Tyson told audiences, “Science literacy is an inoculation against charlatans.” In the current climate of fake news and its spread ‘post-facts’, it is a message more relevant than ever.


Think Inc. is a young, Australian-based initiative dedicated to reinvigorating the thrill of rational discourse in daily conversation. Through engaging events with world-class minds, Think Inc. brings excitement to intellectual fields. Audiences are invited to discuss “smart answers to big questions” alongside the heavyweights, with past speakers including the likes of Dr Michio Kaku, Dr Brian Greene, Edward Snowden, Sam Harris and Steve Wozniak. Their dedication to bringing these thinkers to Australia has placed Think Inc. as one of the top five finalists for 2016’s Telstra New South Wales New Business Award.




Saturday 15 July 2017 | MCEC, Melbourne

Saturday 22 July 2017 | PCEC, Perth

Sunday 23 July 2017 | Southbank Piazza, Brisbane

Saturday 29 July  2017| ICC, Sydney



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